Our dedication is quite simple.
To respect the Greek quality.

Home of Gyros or House of Gyros is a Montenegrin franchise established in 2015 under the umbrella of Naky’s d.o.o

Our stores, our homes are everyone’s homes. We have based our business philosophy precisely on this principle, which is the key to our success – All customers who come and spend time in our “homes” feel like at home.
The quality of food, service, atmosphere and exceptional hygiene, are all of which are the main features of our operations. Partners and associates of the company must respect and understand our philosophy of providing service.
“You don’t become our partner by giving us the best price, but the best quality,” and that is how it is whether it is about meat, potatoes, salads or sauces.

Our unique secret recipe of processing, marinating and preparing meat is the reason you come to us, and constant quality is the reason you keep coming back.
Home of Gyros – Yours and Our Home